Reception music

Eating the MOON!

Eating the moon! 

Nursery and Reception children have been learning about craters on the moon.  
They finished their learning with crumpet 'moons' with craters, luckily not formed by flying rock! Thank you to our kitchen staff for this treat and the delicious hot chocolate that followed.

Phonic Fun

Phonic Fun

The Nursery children have enjoyed catching letters today, naming the ones they have caught.

They also explored their writing skills, using water to create the letter 'o' 


 What star sign are you?



Solar system

Making the Solar system

"I love Jupiter"

  "Mercury is the closest to the sun."

 "Uranus is cold"

"Mars has two moons"

Whatever next!

 Rocket power


 I've landed on the Moon!

If i could go to the Moon I would take.......

I would take Betsy 

I would take my Dad!

 3, 2,1  Blast off!

Moon walking

Mine has super powers!

 Rocket writing