Week Beginning 21st January

This week in Nursery and Reception we are going to enjoy the story of 'Elmer the Elephant'.  Our week is going to be full of colourful activities to celebrate Elmer's 30th Birthday which was last Thursday.  

We Are Nursery

21st January 2019

After just two weeks in Nursery we have been thinking about what we like doing and what we are good at.  We used these ideas to create some very special pictures which are now proudly on display in the Pre-Prep corridor.

We went on a Bear Hunt

18th January 2019

Everyone in Nursery and Reception has had a great week retelling the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.  We have created some beautiful displays in our classrooms which show all the different parts of the story.

Fun French in Reception

15th January 2019

The girls and boys in Reception enjoy their weekly French lessons.  This week they had fun learning about colours.  We sang a song which helped us to learn our colours in French before we sorted lots of different classroom objects according to their colour.  When we placed something on our special 'Colour Mat' we remembered to say the colour in French.
Great work, Reception.

Mrs Hannah Came to Visit

15th January 2019
Everyone in Nursery and Reception was very happy when we had a special visit from Mrs Hannah and baby Annie.  Annie was very tired and slept throughout the visit so we enjoyed asking Mrs Hannah lots of questions and telling her all about how hard we have been working.
We have already invited Mrs Hannah to come back again when Annie is a little bit older.
Thank you for coming to see us Mrs Hannah.

Week Beginning 14th January 2019

This week the children in Nursery and Reception are going to be enjoying lots of activities based on the popular book, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.

Winter fun

This week in Nursery and Reception we have enjoyed reading the story 'Lost and Found'.  Learning about the little penguin in the story who went to The South Pole has led us to enjoy lots of cold, winter activities.  We have been counting 'snowflakes' and matching them to the correct numicon piece and number card and rescued animals frozen in ice.  We all decided we needed to melt the ice so it would turn back to water.  This winter fun has got us all hopeful that we might get some cold weather and maybe some snow in the near future!